Our Curriculum

The school has followed the Lakota Local School District curriculum since its inception, and is currently training its teachers in preparation for moving towards the common core state standards for language arts and math.  The Academy also offers non-core subjects such as Art, Music, Creative Writing, Technology, and Physical Education; as well as a religious curriculum (Islamic and Qur’anic Studies), and a foreign language (Arabic). 


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Kindergarten through Fifth Grade Math instruction is implemented with the My Math program. Students in Sixth through Eighth Grades use Glencoe Math.

The Academy offers an accelerated track for advanced students in First through Eighth Grades.


Language Arts:

Pre-Kindergarten uses the Happily Ever After program for reading readiness. Kindergarten through Second Grade learn from the Superkids Reading Program. Students in Third through Fifth Grade use the Harcourt Trophies series, and Sixth through Eighths Grades use the Glencoe Reader's Choice series.

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The Academy has used Lab Aids, a program aligned with the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) standards, for Sixth through Eighth Grade. The Pearson Science series is used in the primary grades.

Social Studies:

The Social Studies curriculum covers seven themes: history, people in societies, geography, economics, government, citizenship rights and responsibilities and social studies skills and methods (research and communication). Also, beginning in Grade Four, the students study specialized topics such as American History, Ohio History and Ancient Civilizations.

 Qur'an, Arabic and Islamic Studies:

Qur'an memorization and recitation is a core element of our religious studies throughout all grade levels, and includes understanding of the Qur'an in the higher grades. Arabic classes also run through all grades, resulting in increased reading and fluency, as well as a more profound understanding of the Arabic Language. Religious (Islamic) Studies include the fundamentals of belief, practice and history in earlier grades, moving into deeper understanding and applications in the higher grades.

Ohio State Content Standards

Below you find several links that will direct you to the Ohio Department of Education's website.  Once within the website you will be able to view the Content Standards and Model Curricula.  These headings will appear on the same page.  The Content Stardards will give you more information on the learning standards.  It is located near the top of the page.  The Model Curricula will provide detailed information by grade.  It can be found toward the bottom of the page.  There is also a link to the common core standards initiative.  There you find frequently asked questions and additional information regarding the standards.

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